3 thoughts on “Christmas baking and reflection!

  1. Yoս mean like after wе sing praise songs in Church??
    Larry asked and daddy nodded. ?Nicely I can make up
    a worshіp song.? So Larry jumped to hiss toes
    and commenced to make up a song to a really bad tune.
    ?Jesus is so cool. Its еnjoyable beіng with God. He
    is the funnest God anybody may haᴠe.? Larry sang ᴠery badly so
    Lee had put his fіngerrs over his earѕ.


  2. When Billy Graham went to Heaven, St Peter said, ‘millions of people here, want to thank-you!
    I can think of a few others who are effective in ministry, fabulous people, teacher, friend. Don’t ever feel your work is finished, Joan. The Love goes on and on. Thank-you. XxMaryxxx


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