joan le morvan, you are…

Irish, Scottish, and Welsh



My loving granddaughter, Natasha, enrolled me into this interesting experience, as a birthday present in May this year. It has been so interesting to compare it with her, her Father’s results and her others granny’s.  The biggest surprise for me has been the lack of English dna. And the Finnish and Greek and Scandinavian inclusions !  NO SURPRISE THAT I AM A CELT. My paintings, poetry and  spirituality testify to that, and the fact that I have been drawn to live on the Celtic Isle of Iona in the last chapter of my life.

I did NOT know, when I was attracted to, and married, a handsome Norwegian at the tender age of 19, that we shared the same DNA !  Perhaps my love of Orthodox spirituality- my library has two shelves – and my years of learning to write Ikons is rooted in my Greek DNA ? But the Finnish ??? remains a mystery.

All I can say is THANKYOU darling Tash for such a delightful gift, and cherish the hope that other members of my family will want to connect to our shared ethnicity.IMG_2058

  has two shelves

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