On The Bench

bench2a3 Retirement Day

After 20 years of trying to be faithful to the vision given that wet day driving to Mass in Chichester, and humbled by the love and support of so many people making it possible , it was time to pass on the holy baton.

Among the many gifts was this beautiful wooden bench. impossible to leave behind and destined to be well occupied in the next, and last,  chapter of my wonderful life.





Mother and Daughter and Pippa


Rolie and Trish
2014-05-28 15.28.09

Terry Clarke,
First and Last Love






Little Joan and Big Joan


Profiteroles from California with Care


Friends from Chichester


The Healing Team

bench13a14 2

The Balls


Friends from Chichester                                bench3ladies 2



granny, grand and great


Guest Book page with Ann Olive


Traditional Habits

bench2guys 1And the opposite of traditional – 2 lively, catholic priests


Welcome, friend!

bench11a12 1

Douglas feeding Francis ice cream

bench15a16 1

Tracy and Ken


beloved Pipper in the snow

bench4a5 3

Terry Clarke junior with his mom



bench4a5 4

Chichester friends

bench6a7 1

Olivents with the dogs Pickles and Lilly

bench17 1

Joan between 2 good men


Dutch friends


Terry Clarke’s with family at his 85th birthday


Father Ernst, Terry Clarke and Father John


The Toal


Matthew 23: 1-4

The addressing the people and his disciples, Jesus said “the scribes and the pharisees occupy the chair of Moses, you must therefore do what they tell you and listen to what they say, but do not be guided by what they do; since they do not practice what they preach”

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